Like rabbit and hedgehog – Breisgau district league


Like rabbit and hedgehog

In the Freiburg city derby between SF Eintracht and FC Freiburg-St. Georgen, the players must have felt like the rabbit in the Grimms’ tale of the rabbit and the hedgehog: The home team had just taken the lead when the visitors equalised. Or, seen the other way around: St. Georgen had just equalized when Eintracht took the lead again. For SFE coach Wolf Haller, the result of 4:3 adapted to the course of the game. “The match could have taken any direction. It was an intense and classy derby.” His eleven would clinch victory. What impressed Haller the most: “We’re practically decimated in the last two games before the winter break. It’s impressive to me how well the diverse squad works.”

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