like Napoli and Spalletti managed to win back the fans

Losing a flag during a session transfer market there can be. Losing three along with other key squad elements hurts. Carry out such a purchasing campaign and then dominate in Italy It’s inside Europe it’s just from SSC Naples which, after yet another victory, European and overflowing, can finally say that it has regained fully your own people; in addition to having also made the skeptics think again that they thought they were dead blues at the beginning of the season.

Among those who spoke of seventh place and who even invoked the Series Luciano Spalletti he taught soccer to newcomers in that of Dimaro And Castel from Sangro. Then, protecting their own men from the critics, he worked on the hunger for victories of a young and determined group, which immediately appeared insidious and eager to impress the name Naples in part high of the ranking.

PHOTO: Getty – Ajax Napoli

It is therefore no coincidence that players like Kim, Kvaratskelia And Raspadori are managing to replace blue flags such as Koulibaly, Insigne And Mertens or that Simeone the absence of is weighing so little Osimeno. The continued growth of Lobotka And Rahmanthe trust gained by Meretthe overbearing and preponderant insertion of Anguissa scoreboard and the desire to affect that those who enter a game in progress. These are all factors resulting from a psychological and technical path led by Spalletti and best undertaken as a group united from the team.

In doing so, the 4-1 against Liverpool, the 1-6 against Ajax, they are born new darlings in town and they get it victories as a great team like in Rome, Milan and at home against it Spice. Victories that give morale and awareness to the team to be stronger than in previous years. Naples he found the smile and the top against all odds. And who knows if this is not the true strength of one squad and a trainer more self-confident every day.

Mario Reccia

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