Like Koreans in Ilsan… Bento sightings revisited

Ilsan residents have expressed sympathy by sharing the Bento sightings
A farewell banner hangs in the apartment where Director Bento lives.

Photo = Yonhap News

On hearing the news that coach Paulo Bento, who led the Qatar 2022 World Cup miracle in the round of 16, will leave Korea, Ilsan residents, who had been neighbors with him, express their regret by denouncing their witnesses.

On the 9th, anecdotes and eyewitness accounts of meeting Bento in Ilsan were shared across multiple online communities, attracting the attention of netizens.

According to eyewitness accounts of residents, director Bento often appeared in the shopping center “Bellacita”. Residents shared comments such as “If you go to Bellacita, you have a 40% chance of seeing Bento” and “The Bento who has lived in Ilsan for 3 years seems to enjoy Ilsan better than me who has lived in Ilsan for over 20 years. “

In particular, when Bento was asked by residents to take pictures or sign autographs, there were stories where he responded with a smile without any annoying expression.

Ilsan residents share eyewitness accounts from coach Paulo Bento.  Photo = Captured from the online community

Ilsan residents share eyewitness accounts from coach Paulo Bento. Photo = Captured from the online community

One resident recounted an anecdote about meeting Bento, saying, “Director Bento always responded positively to fans who spoke to him or asked for pictures.”

Coach Bento has led the Korean national team since 2018 and has built a nest in Ilsan. The reason to choose Ilsan is said to be close to Paju National Soccer Team Training Center (NFC).

Photos = online community

Photos = online community

An apartment in Ilsan, where Bento lived for more than four years, also hung banners expressing gratitude and encouragement from the residents.

On the banner, “Congratulations on making it to the round of 16!” Korean soccer fight! Director Bento, coach! Thank you!’, ‘I am proud to be Bento’s neighbor’ and ‘I hope all the memories with us are precious memories’ written in Korean and Portuguese.

In the meantime, on the 6th coach Bento announced that he had decided not to renew his contract after the round of 16 of the World Cup. “I already made a decision in September and informed the federation,” he said. “I am proud to be able to coach Korean players who have done their best. The experience I have accumulated in the national team will be remembered until the day I die.”

Reporter Kim Se-rin, [email protected]

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