Like Instagram, Shopping Features Will Coming Soon on Twitter

Malang, Sonora.ID – Now the online shopping phenomenon is through social media or social commerce is increasingly becoming a trend. After Instagram and some social media others launched shopping features, Twitter doesn’t seem to want to miss the train either.

Because the microblogging company announced that it will soon be presenting a shopping feature called Shop Module and is currently testing it on Facebook platform social media.

This trial is only targeting users IOS, specifically located in United States of America.

Like the Shop feature on Instagram, Shop Module allows brand owners to promote their products to users Twitter through a business profile.

Then later the user Twitter who visit the profile, will see the product catalog in the module.

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Then if a potential buyer is interested, simply tap on the product to continue the buying process. The Shop Module will also appear at the top of the brand’s profile page, above the tweet.

Reported from Friday (30/7/2021), this feature can only be used by Professional Profile accounts for a while, where the new Professional Profile account feature was tested last April.

When completed, a small scope of the new Shop Module will be for businesses, non-governmental organizations, publishers, and creators to display specific information about their business directly within their profiles.

The information includes address, mobile number, and hours of operation.

If you know Facebook Pages for business, that’s more or less what a Professional Profile looks and does.

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