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Disney + is a great promise, but the licensing agreements made by Disney with other channels and services prevent it from having all its films permanently on the platform.

All Disney in one place! “: The promise of Disney + has something to make young and old dream. With a catalog of cult cartoons and movies, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic documentaries, Disney has the largest collection of timeless cultural products on the SVoD market. What the official service account tweeted, in a noticed operation.

Films are already disappearing

But ideal catalog, which acted as an initial promise, is far from absolute. In the USA, the first subscribers are surprised already the disappearance of films from the Disney + catalog: recently, the Mom I missed the plane and one Pirates of the Caribbean disappeared without notice from the platform. What caused users’s dissatisfaction, as noted by the specialized media Polygon.

The reason is simple to understand: even if Disney managed to recover the exploitation rights of its films for the launch of Disney +, the company cannot escape the agreements made with other services indefinitely. According to the media Bloomberg, big hits like the Marvel’s will return to Netflix in the United States in 2026, where they were available before the launch of Disney +.

Disney + and Canal +, the announcement of an already shared catalog // Source: Twitter / Canal +

Obviously, this state of affairs is valid for films less popular than superhero productions and the Disney + catalog, despite all the goodwill of Disney, will be fluctuating. Perhaps the most astonishing thing is that Disney’s marketing machine, still adept at communicating, has made no comment on these disappearances at the time of writing.

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On the other hand, if they shock an American public accustomed to a complete cultural offer on platforms, these disappearances and other holes in the catalog will not surprise French women when Disney + is launched at the end of March. Between the media timeline that prevents platforms SVoD to broadcast movies up to 36 months after their theatrical release and the historic agreements between Disney and Canal +, the Disney + service will not necessarily be as complete in France as in other countries. Moreover, Canal has already announced the color with its Disney + offer which, combined with the Canal Ciné / Série offers, makes French service the only place where the entire Disney catalog will be available.

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