Like decades, boys. Embarrassing what they were showing, the Red Devils caught it from the club legend after the loss in Turkey

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“Embarrassing what the defense was doing,” Red Devils club legend Paul Scholes told Manchester United television studios, who were overwhelmed by the mistakes made by Solskjaer’s charges.

Especially the first, when they played a corner kick and completely forgot about the former Newcastle and Chelsea players of 35-year-old Dembu Ba, who then ran from the halfway line alone to the goalkeeper Henderson and scored comfortably.

“Only decades will the boys forget that there must be at least one defender left in the back,” Scholes said at the BT Sport studio.

In action Axel Tuanzebe (right) from Manchester United and Deniz Turuc from Basaksehir.

Murad Sezer, Reuters

And when, after Mata’s mistake in the middle of the field, the home team made a quick attack and the legionnaire from Bosnia Višča added a second goal to Basaksehir, he got upset again.

“It’s coming for me. It’s unforgivable, so we just can’t get cheap goals. Not especially in the Champions League. I am responsible for the fact that the players did not perform defensive tasks, “the Norwegian coach Soljskjaer tried to defend his charges.

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“A week ago, we were all praised for how well we played against Newcastle, Paris Saint Germain and Leipzig, now we are back on the ground. We were supposed to win in Turkey, but despite the defeat, we are still in a good position in the Champions League group, “added United midfielder Bruno Fernandes in an interview with the portal, reminiscent of the five-goal beating that the Red Devils inflicted on Leipzig last year. bike.

“There is nothing older than a match. We did not perform well against an opponent who ran, tenaciously defended, worked hard and punished us twice during the break. We didn’t make it, we lost, but I will continue to say that I have good players in the team, “said the Norwegian Red Devil coach, whose precarious position at Old Trafford was much speculated after Sunday’s loss to Arsenal.

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Not to mention that the Red Devils are in the Premier League with a gain of seven points from six matches to fifteen.

Now, of course, speculation about Solskjaer’s end has intensified. Especially when they call the Red Devils’ performance against Basaksehir comedic in the Islands and sarcastically recall that the plague of domestic suffering has already spread to the continent.

“I’ve already faced similar pressure, so I’m not dealing with it,” Solskjaer declined to comment on the appeal.

“We are disappointed, just as we were our game and the result was disappointed after Arsenal. But we are a team and everyone has to deduce their responsibility from this and prove it against Everton in the league on Saturday. Just because we are Man United, “said midfielder Donny van de Beek.


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