Like Corona Virus, Corruption Is Able To Adapt Under Any Conditions

JAKARTA – The Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Firli Bahuri, has said that corruption is the same as the coronavirus or covid-19. This measure was introduced to commemorate the International Day of Criminal Justice.

“Like the Corona virus, there is evidence that corruption is capable of adapting, evolving, even innovating under all conditions,” Firli said in his written statement quoted on Monday (May 19th).

He said anyone should prevent anti-corruption immune systems from being exposed. Because those who have a minimum of integrity, ethics and morals are easily exposed to the virus of corruption.

In fact, corruption is one of the crimes of humanity which becomes the common enemy of all nations without exception. “Corruption takes a nation away from the world of prosperity, even corruption can lead to a country’s failure to meet its goals,” said Firli.

Going forward, he said that kpk will continue to champion the vision of eradicating corruption in the country. The aim is to ensure that the country’s goals as aspired by its founders can be achieved and felt by all parties.

While admitting it’s not an easy question, Firli believes corruption can be done away with if all parties are cohesive in combating it. One by trying to avoid corruptive behaviors in everyday life.

“Starting with yourself. It takes extraordinary determination and sincerity to avoid corrupt behavior in our daily life, to achieve national coherence in the war against corruption in the Republic of Indonesia, ”he said.

Thus, he asked everyone without exception to always maintain and strengthen the anti-corruption immune system. The trick is to apply simple and courageous behavior to be honest in the smallest things.

“Once again, we recall that corruption has been proven to adapt, evolve to innovate in any situation and condition in this country so that this crime of humanity can occur systematically, structured with impacts systemic destroyers, ”said former law enforcement deputy kpk.

“Maintain and strengthen anti-corruption immunity by always applying simple and courageous behavior to be honest in the smallest things, and always uphold the values ​​of piety, religion and pancasila in our daily routine,” he concluded. .

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