Like a sack of potatoes! The triple jumper appreciated an unprecedented seal jump in the remaining

MUNICH (from our correspondent) – In Monaco, his initially big celebration commences and was the previous to move among the dozen finalists with a performance of 16.07m. In the battle for medals he took 10th area, but captivated extra notice with his 2nd attempt, in which the judges calculated him 14.90m.

Hellström dropped his equilibrium through the attempt and in the last leap resolved to spin more than enough to land on his back again, which he and his mentor took with a smile.

“It landed there like a sack of potatoes,” commented Christian Olsson, the Olympic champion of this self-discipline, on Swedish tv SVT. “But if you happen to be not in the activity for medals, you have to at least impress the viewers in a various way,” said the leap of the seal of his countryman.

Then, with a additional major encounter, he added how these types of a neck-breaking impact could arise. “On the next bounce, he dropped his equilibrium and started out slipping. Then he didn’t have the strength to bounce back again with the third jump,” discussed Olsson.

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