Lijo said it would be better if the eyes were cut, but Mammootty did not cut any eyes; Shooting video of Nanpakal

‘Lijo said it would be better if it was shown as if it were cut, but Mammootty said he would not cut any eyes’; Shooting video of Nanpakal

Mammootty’s company released the shooting videos of Mayakam early in the morning. The video has a scene revealing Sundaram. The video also has a few more takes to capture the scene. This is the only close-up shot in the film.

In the video, Mammootty is patiently trying to fix the shot and Lijoy is explaining things. Mammootty has been asked in many interviews how Lijo describes the shot to Mammootty. Even if the take is okay, Lijo is making him do it again because he can do better with Mammootty.

Mammootty makes jokes while Lijo says something in between. When Lijo says that it would be better if the eyes are cut, Mammootty says that no eyes are cut.

The last part of the video has Mammootty crying looking at the mirror. When Lijo says it’s okay, Mammootty says it’s okay in a way.

The film was released on January 19. The film was also released in Tamil last day. The film is jointly produced by Mammootty’s production company Mammootty Company and Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Amen Movie Monastery.

S for the story of LJP. Harish has written the screenplay and dialogues. Set in a Tamil backdrop, the film was shot in Palani and Kanyakumari in a single schedule.

Apart from Mammootty, the film also stars Ramya Pandian, Ashokan, Vipin Atlee and Rajesh Sharma in lead roles. Theni Ishwar, who handled the cinematography of Mammootty’s Peranp and Pushu, handled the camera. The editor is Deepu Joseph. Sound designing is done by Ranganath Ravi.

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