Ligue 2. Who are the new shareholders of AS Nancy Lorraine really?

The new shareholders of AS Nancy Lorraine

Chinese-American Dog Lee

In the media in France, he is the best known of the five major investors who have just taken over ASNL. This is explained by his three years of power at OGC Nice as majority shareholder (2016-2019). We also find Chien Lee, today, in the management of the English club of Barnsley, in the Swiss club of Thun and at KV Ostend, obviously, since the Belgian club has the same shareholders as ASNL. Chinese-American, Chien Lee made his fortune in the hotel and real estate industry. Those who have already worked with him describe him as a paternalistic, human investor, close to his collaborators.

American Paul Conway

We saw him for the first time in Valenciennes alongside the president Gauthier Ganaye which steers ASNL on a daily basis. And we saw Paul Conway last Saturday in the stands of Marcel-Picot for the match against Rodez. Not surprising. Although he resides in Miami, Paul Conway comes regularly to Europe. He has the reputation of being a man of the field, a passionate person.

He too was part of the Nice adventure in Nice, until a qualification in the Champions League. Together with Grace Hung, Paul Conway runs Pacific Media Group, specializing in the sports and entertainment industry. Particularly in the production of major Hollywood films, some with Brad Pitt.

American Randy Frankel

At the head of a rather colossal fortune, Randy Frankel is co-owner of the baseball franchise of the Tampa Bay, Florida Rays. A club that has become a benchmark in the United States thanks to innovative and ambitious management. He didn’t choose baseball by accident to begin with. His approach to the sport is indeed statistically driven, inspired by the true and incredible story of Billy Beane with Oakland Athletics in the early 2000s in American baseball.

A story that produced a book “Moneyball”, then a film “Le Stratège” in France with a certain… Brad Pitt (hey, hey) in the main role. We understand better why the new shareholders of ASNL want to make maximum use of “data” and statistics in recruiting. The former baseball player Billy Beane, he invested in the football club of… Barnsley where we find Chien Lee and Paul Conway, among others. The world is small.

American Michael Kalt

Michael Kalt was actively involved in the turnaround of the Tampa Bay Rays Florida baseball franchise, associated with Randy Frankel in the “Partners Path Capital” group. Michael Kalt also worked for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

South Indian Krishen

A profile a little different from the other four shareholders. Of Indian origin, South Krishen is the founder of “Sivik Healthcare Funds”, an organization that invests in the healthcare industry. In any case, it makes a lot of people at the bedside of the ASNL!

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