Ligue 2: The final day of the season – Climbing and maintaining teams fight for their lives

Le Havre, Metz and Bordeaux: two armchairs for three

Before this last day, Ligue 2 has neither champion nor promoted. While Le Havre has walked alone in the lead throughout the season, its two runners-up have found their colors to come back to three points with one day remaining. Always positioned as the favourites, the HAC only needs one small point to win the championship and secure its place in the elite. But nothing is decided in advance, since the Normans – who have not won for three games and suffered a setback at home against Valenciennes – receive Dijon from Dupraz, forced to win to maintain themselves. In case of defeat, Le Havre could stay in Ligue 2 and let the other contenders go, if they defeat their opponents. Speaking of enemies, Bordeaux faces a tough one. He receives Rodez, one of the best teams outside the championship which remains obliged to leave with three points to ensure its maintenance. Defeated last week, the FCGB no longer has the cards in hand. If the Girondins win, they will have to hope for a Metz faux pas against Bastia to regain Ligue 1. Playing the Corsicans on the last day at home sounds like the best of draws, since the Bastiais have nothing left to gain , nor to lose. But beware of the misstep for the Lorraine who will have the hard task against the fourth in the championship, far from being resigned and invested in implementing his game at this catchy end of the season. Provided Le Havre are defeated and Metz and Bordeaux win, all three teams would finish with the same number of points (72) and goal difference will do the rest of the work. For the moment, it is favorable to the Grenats (+27), followed by the HAC (+26) and the Bordelais (+24), who will be forced to put a jail at Rodez Aveyron Football to hope to join the first division. Finally, let’s not forget that there is a scenario in which the HAC would reach Ligue 1 while falling to Dijon. For that, it would be necessary that Metz or Bordeaux does not win their match.

All scenarios are possible for maintaining

On Saturday, it is forbidden to lose. Nîmes and Niort have already been paid into National 1. Beyond these two clubs, six are still threatened: Valenciennes, Annecy, Pau, Rodez, Laval and Dijon. Two of them will have to say goodbye to the second division. With Ligue 2 expanding to 18 clubs next season, four teams are therefore due to be relegated this season. This Saturday, all scenarios are possible: relegation or maintenance depends on the results of the others. Rodez (16e) and Laval (17e) are neck and neck with 43 points each, although the Tangos have a lower goal difference. Dijon (18e) follows behind with 42 points. The Ruthenians are assured of maintenance in the event of victory. The Aveyronnais have not won any of their last five games, but they may have their chance since they are received by Bordeaux (3e), meeting which will be refereed by Nicolas Rainville, who has never officiated during a victory for the Girondins, which Gérard Lopez has not failed to raise delicately in recent days. Laval travels to Picardy to face Amiens (12e), guaranteed to stay in the second division, but not decided to let the Mayenne win, they who need a victory by crossing their fingers for a poor result from Rodez to stay in L2. Le Havre (1is) receives Dijon at the Océane stadium. The Burgundians must absolutely win or hope for a defeat of Laval and Rodez in the event of a draw. They are up against a HAC team that is uphill and only needs one point to clinch the league title. The Normans will not give them a gift, even if their current form suggests the opposite. There are only three points of difference between the 13e (Valenciennes) and 18e of the classification (Dijon). It should be noted that in the event of a victory for Laval or Dijon, a defeat can allow the VAFC to maintain itself. If there is a tie on points, several parameters will be taken into account to decide between the teams, among which the goal difference comes first. For the moment, Valenciennes (-5), Rodez (-6) and Dijon (-4) have nothing to worry about with this data.

Nothing is decided yet, and this last day promises to be exceptional, the race for the climb and the one for the maintenance will give the evening an asphyxiating atmosphere until the end of additional time, which will make six happy and three devastated. Watch out for the cold snap, the air conditioning may run at full speed in a few stages.

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Le Havre attached to Bastia, Metz doubles Bordeaux

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