Ligue 2: note the players of the TFC defeated in Ajaccio this Saturday evening (1-0) and compare with the notes of the editorial staff of La Dépêche!

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For this last meeting of the TFC, like the previous ones, you can evaluate the players who have played at least 45 minutes. Who are those who, in your opinion, have distinguished themselves on the ground of François-Coty? Conversely, which ones disappointed you? Rate and compare your opinion with that of other readers of The Dispatch but, also, journalists from the editorial staff of Sports.

Rate the TFC players and discover the editorial notes below

The ratings of The Midi Dispatch

DUPPED (6/10). Two mini-stops to warm up the gloves on a header from Vidal (7) and a “molped” recovery from Nouri (8) before bowing, without diving, to the ACA peno (1-0, 28th ). Hand parade – right foot – on an attempt close to Nouri (67). Vigilant at the end of the game, especially on this salutary horizontal in front of Marchetti (76).

DESLER (5.5). The Danish moped has finished its marathon season… By releasing a very correct last copy. To his credit, a bloody climb that would have deserved a better fate (27). Replaced by SANNA (72e), who had not played since March 15 and the reception of Amiens (6-0, J29).

COSTA (4). Hard-hard, learning the L2 … For his first tenure after two ends of the match in stoppage time in Nîmes (J19) then 10 minutes from the end at Guingamp (J32), the former Rémois is doubly at fault on the opener – and only goal of the evening – following the penalty he provoked. First, by not pressing enough his delivery of the head towards his goalkeeper Dupé; then, by being naive in his duel with Courtet whom he hangs slightly gold, above all, lets pass in front (1-0, 28th).

NICOLAISEN (6). Strong match for the hairy fjords. Still just as valuable in aerial duels: ask Courtet and Krasso.

DIAKITY (5.5). He started lateral to finish, from the hour of play, piston. Not faulted, “Bafo”!

MUSCLES (6). Present in the impact, the Dutchman struggled a lot. Without really knowing the success on arrival. It is he, to note, who fired the first shot on target for Toulouse, in the niche of the Corsican goalkeeper Sollacaro (38).

SKYTTÄ (4,5). Subtle technically, too tender physically: his meeting sums up his season. Aligned at the top of the inverted téféciste triangle this Saturday, the little Finn will never have weighed on the debates. Too bad but we ask to see it again. Replaced by DIARRA (58e), central left in a revamped defense at 3.

VAN DEN TREE (5.5). Unsatisfied quest. Since the climb match against Niort (2-0, D35) three weeks ago on Monday April 25, the magical Dutchman was looking for the Grail. Namely a 21e decisive pass to break the historic Ligue 2 record of 20 offerings delivered by Le Havrais Zinédine Ferhat at the end of the 2017-2018 season. The ace. Replaced by BANGRE (82e).

NGOUMOU (4,5). Not successful in his dribbling or crosses. Replaced by FLEMMINGS (72e), who was celebrating his third appearance there.

ONAIWU (5,5). Substituting for the last time the incumbent Rhys Healey, injured, the Japanese striker made his match as they say. Author of an acrobatic rebate putting Ngoumou in orbit which will spoil (47).

BEGRAOUI (4,5). He had the opportunity to stand out … we did not see the ex-Auxerrois. Replaced by DEJAEGERE (58e), positioned false left winger as at the start of the championship.

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