Midsummer’s bonfires have already gone out, Ligo songs have been sung and St. John’s wort has withered, but I still want to linger a little longer in the beautiful feelings and memories of the ripeness of summer. That’s why “Latvians in the world” will visit Canadian Latvians and meet a pop and jazz singer Sandra Maiju Ķuzi (pictured). She studied singing and composition at the jazz faculty of Toronto’s Humber College, classical singing at the Royal Ontario Conservatory and Toronto’s York University. At one time, Sandra’s “Kāda nakts” was one of the most played LR2 hits, but the Latvian public got to know her more widely as one of the members of the legendary musical “Esslingen”. . Sandra’s stage debut was said to have been at the age of 5 – a solo in the musical performance of St. John’s celebrations. Also this year, Sandra dressed in a family relic – in a folk costume inherited from her grandmother, delighted Canadian Latvians with singing and kokle playing.

On the other hand, European Latvian Youth (EJ), having taken a small rest break after the Esslingen Song Festival, where they worked as volunteer helpers, are ready to jump into new activities and will meet in Cēsis at the LAMPA talk festival at the weekend. The European Youth will be represented in two discussions: “Youth’s voice in the elections – Saeima, can you hear us?” will talk about the value of the voice of young people in the Saeima elections, the importance of elections in the lives of young people and through everyday situations will look for ways to communicate with their peers who are not interested in politics. On the other hand, in the conversation “How does today’s youth feel belonging to their country?” the European Youth President will speak Ernest Baron. Ernests currently lives and studies in Norway and admits that it is much more challenging to feel belonging to Latvia when living abroad. Ernests Barons will share both about how love for one’s homeland can be increased and strengthened, as well as the impressions of LAMP talks on the air of LR2, in the program “Latvies in the world”.