Lightmeter: New monitoring tool for the email server

With Lightmeter a new monitoring tool appears with which the administrator should keep an eye on his email server. The developer of the same name from Berlin places the software under the open source license AGPLv3, the Tech Preview now presented can be obtained from GitLab users or as a finished image from the Docker Hub.

Lightmeter is aimed at servers with Postfix as a mail transfer agent, which is currently according to the press release on 35 to 40 percent of the market. At the start, the software should monitor the successfully sent and undeliverable messages as well as the performance of your own domain and that of the recipient.

The software then processes the collected data graphically. Lightmeter plans to recognize more errors in the future and also to propose steps to remedy them. The goal is to simplify the work of the email administrator so that more emails reach their destination – because 20 percent of all messages are currently not arriving.

Lightmeter competes on the market with many different providers: G-LockApps, for example, has also committed itself to a higher rate of successfully sent emails. Tools such as Return Path or MailMonitor, on the other hand, promise to be able to trace the exact path of a message to its final destination.

Other developers such as SendForensics and GreenArrow are targeting e-commerce and the advertising department, whose emails should not end up in customers’ spam folders. These are usually cloud applications. In addition, there is classic software such as PRTG, Nagios, ManageEngine or SolarWinds, which keeps an eye on the performance of the email server.

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