Lightify lighting system: Osram shuts down the servers

More and more customers, it says in the justification, would prefer comprehensive smart home solutions with intelligent assistants and no longer control their lighting via a separate lighting control system or gateway. Osram recognized this trend as the provider of the Lightify platform and Ledvance, the exclusive distributor of the Lightify gateway. Therefore, the operation of the cloud server to control the Lightify gateway would be stopped by August 31, 2021.

Ledvance ended the sale of the gateway in early 2019. Smart + products from Ledvance, some of which are still sold under the Osram brand, are compatible with a large number of major smart home platforms and optimized for control with intelligent assistants. As a result, they will continue to work with these platforms. Ledvance will provide more information.

Lightify customers have been informed about a newsletter and will be notified directly in the app in a second step. They have a year and a half to switch to a compatible smart home platform with which they can continue to use their smart lamps and luminaires within the framework of the ZigBee standard. After August 31, 2021, only locally executed functions will be possible.

After the sale of the household lamp business in 2016, Osram continues to develop into a photonics company by switching off the Lightify Cloud Server.


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