Light. In the bookshop: Le grand footoir

“Fifteen comparisons with the scalpel of analysis and passion. Fifteen kick-offs to immortalize football’s descent into hell “, he underlines in the preface Great Footoir, Pierre Louis Basse. Like all the authors of this (fascinating) book, the journalist and writer remains, despite everything, a lover of football.

After all, if everyone points – through these famous fifteen reference matches – to the excesses of football, the analyzes of the latter are right, sincere and above all necessary a few weeks after the kick-off of a World Cup. controversial Qatar …

Across three main themes (“Prison, Fraud, and Repression: Outlaw Football”; “Big Money, Sexism and Secession: A Breathless Business”; “Football of the Future: A Great Tech Bluff”), this book offers enough to conduct a broad reflection on the most popular sport on the planet …

All thanks to the pen, knowledge and deciphering of journalists, essayists, academics or even writers (Vincent Duluc, Paul Dietschy, Pierre Rondeau, Carole Gomez, Philippe Auclair or even Mickaël Correia to name but a few). Fraud, excessive sponsorship, gentrification of the stands, video arbitration, data, rule changes, transfer window, etc.

There are many subjects that appear in the games chosen by the authors: we find the meeting between Valenciennes and OM in 1993, the terrible Liverpool – Nottingham at the Hillsborough stadium in 1989, a Cameroon-Argentina played in 2019 or even the PSG – OM in 2020. ..

Le grand footoir, the excesses of football explained in 15 games (collective), Edizioni Solari, 304 pages, € 17.90

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