“Light at the end of the tunnel”: Many celebrities have already been vaccinated

The coronavirus pandemic has also altered the lives of many celebrities. With vaccination, many of them finally see “light at the end of the tunnel” and use their fame to urge others to get vaccinated.

Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said he has never been so happy to wait in line. Also actor Sean Penn described himself as a “happy man” and his colleague Jane Fonda said: “It doesn’t hurt.” The three Hollywood stars are part of the first celebrities who received the coronavirus vaccine in the United States and then commented on it on social networks.

In the United States, it has been vaccinated since December. Priority goes to those who live in residences for the elderly and health personnel, but in each North American state the rules are different and in many places people who have reached a certain age, those who perform a certain task or those who have certain pre-existing conditions. And among them there are many stars.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one in ten Americans received at least one dose of the vaccine.

“A light at the end of the tunnel after a year of self-imposed quarantine,” wrote 83-year-old actor Anthony Hopkins, attaching a photo of him being vaccinated in Los Angeles.

Among the stars already vaccinated in the United States are, for example, the comedian Steve Martin, the country singer Loretta Lynn, the musician Tony Bennett, the actors Patrick Stewart, Samuel Jackson, Harrison Ford, Billy Crystal and Jeff Goldblum, the musician of the Beach Boys Brian Wilson as well as former model Christie Brinkley. Many of them take the opportunity to urge their fans on social networks to get vaccinated.

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The UK has already made even more progress. Well over a quarter of adults have already received their first dose, including many celebrities.

In mid-December, Ian McKellen, the interpreter of “Gandalf”, was one of the first. The 81-year-old actor later said he was feeling “euphoric.”

Joan Collins (“Dynasty”) received her first dose on the same day as Queen Elizabeth II. One fan commented on Collins’ Instagram post, saying the vaccination had been “painless and hassle-free”: “How fitting that two queens received (the vaccine) on the same day.” Oscar winner Judi Dench also played.

In the most recent spot of the British health service NHS two celebrities call with a wink to get vaccinated. Musician Elton John and actor Michael Caine are “running” in the clip for a role in promoting the vaccine. “It didn’t hurt,” Caine says relaxed, and in off the director is heard saying, “Tell the other guy he didn’t get the job.”

Also in the United States, celebrities were hired so that through their fame they get people to get rid of the prejudices they have regarding vaccines.

Take actor / director Tyler Perry, for example. Above all to inform the African-American population, Perry made himself available to an information program on the television network BET (Black Entertainment Television), after having been vaccinated.

“I think it’s about that, teaching and information,” Perry said. He admitted that he himself did not initially trust the vaccine. But he decided to get vaccinated as soon as the experts answered his questions.

At the same time, some stars emphasize that they did not receive any special privileges for being famous, but that they requested their turn normally and waited in line with everyone. “To clear all your doubts that I could have overtaken, I tell you that I am in the allowed age group and I waited along with others,” wrote 79-year-old cook Martha Stewart.

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Until now, no celebrities have spoken openly against the vaccine, although some have hinted at some doubts about it.

For example, “Black Panther” actress Letitia Wright shared a video critical of vaccines via Twitter. Then he defended himself saying that he had only wanted to express his doubts “about what the preparation contains and what we put into our body.”

“Grease” actress Olivia Newton-John recently said in an interview with an Australian newspaper that she has no plans to get vaccinated.


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