Ligabue: “Gay kiss? It’s not me, beware of fake news “

Ligabue finally has his say. And it gives the denial live in relation to the alleged homo kiss of the (mysterious) famous singer. The bomb was dropped last week from Dagospia, who had published the encrypted image, claiming that the original photos were in the editorial offices of the various gossip magazines, ready to grab them for gold.

Obviously the full name had started on the net. Among the most accredited, that of Ligabue (because of the grizzled hair and the rings) and of Nek, for tattoos.

“Massimo if I start smoking I will warn you first”, said Luciano Ligabue to the journalist Massimo Cotto on the stage of the Asioli Theater in Correggio, during the presentation of the book That’s how it went referring to the fact that the mysterious man portrayed in the photo at Milan Central Station was holding a cigarette. At that point Cotto asked him: “So you’re not the one in the photo?” And Ligabue replied: “No, it’s not me“.

The rocker then advised the audience to stay “beware of fake news that undermine credibility and the image of people “.

That’s how it went – Thirty years as it should be is the book in which Ligabue traces his thirty-year career, including records, concerts, hits, anecdotes and background. Written in collaboration with Massimo Cotto, who interviewed him in the presentation at the Asioli Theater in Correggio in front of a limited number of people, the volume is accompanied by a rich photo gallery and an appendix that contains the entire discography of the singer-songwriter accompanied by covers of singles, albums, box sets, even vhs.


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