Liga MX Femenil turns four years old!

Mariana Gutiérrez, general director of the LIGA MX Femenil, he was happy for the four years of the league, in which a very positive evolution has been seen.

“It means a new goal cry, a transformation of the field, diverse stories to tell, a recognition of different capacities that taught us magic and a future for the new generations in our sport.”

History of Liga MX Femenil

The Monday, December 5, 2016 the birth of La Liga MX Femenil became a reality. The LIGA MX Owner’s Assembly was the stage to announce one of the most important events in recent years.

“The creation of the MX Femenil League was approved, which was born as an initiative to give a competition to Mexican soccer players. We want the future stars of our soccer to be born ”.

Making official the birth of the women’s competition, which would have its first rehearsal with a Tournament Copa, in May 2017, and that the first season would begin from July of the same year.

In this way, the dream of many figures of women’s football crystallized. The seed had been sown; dreams and illusions sprouted in those of us who closely followed that sport.

Anxiety was present counting the days, hours and minutes to witness the kickoff of the BBVA MX Women’s League, a banner that occurred on July 28, 2017 at the Hidalgo Stadium, when the Tuzas del Pachuca and Pumas played the first game of this new era of Mexican Soccer.

After four years the growth and evolution have been more than evident, not only in the quality of the competition, but also in the various national teams that were fed with the talent of this competition.

During the era of the BBVA MX Women’s League 21 Clubs have participated, until the Guardians Tournament 2021, 11 of them continue from the Women’s Cup MX Tournament.

What do the players say about the fourth anniversary of Liga MX Femenil?

It is the total number of players that have been registered since the creation of Liga MX Femenil until the Guardians Clausura 2021 Tournament. There is currently a record of one thousand 005 players. If we count since the Apertura 2017, on average each Tournament 493 players are registered.

Many of the protagonists knew of the historical moment and the implication that living this new experience would have in their careers.

Karla Perez, former soccer player from Tijuana: “All players like me dream about this one day, without a doubt it is an important step that had to be taken. My greatest dream is that this continues, behind us there are many people ”.

Cecilia Santiago, female Tigres goalkeeper: “This is so that they realize that there is female soccer in Mexico, that there is talent in the women who play it, that they give us the necessary guidelines to continue growing.”

Lucia Rodriguez, Pumas women’s footballer: “I think that for all of us it is a great pride, we are happy because what we have been looking for for so long was achieved, this can continue.”

Monica Vergara: It’s a dream come true

Mónica Vergara, technical director of the Women’s National Team, He has lived the evolution of the Liga MX Femenil and explained how he has seen it from his “trench”.

“It is a dream come true, I have seen the struggle of many people to make this happen, with work all the objectives are met. It is important that they assume that commitment and responsibility for this project to grow; playing will give them the experience, there has to be a comprehensive training and they will represent a club with the certainty of having a follow-up week by week ”, he pointed out.

“It is the beginning, with a mentality to be one of the best leagues in the worldTo create teams that compete for world cups, that fight in all tournaments, for that we work, with the mentality of being the best and demanding ourselves to the fullest ”, he added.

A year later, the technical director added the greatest achievement in the history of women’s football in our country, after leading the National Team in the Grand Final of the U-17 World Cup, where 12 footballers from the BBVA MX Femenil League were the base of that runner-up team.

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