Liga MX Clausura 2022: Javier Aguirre: “I don’t regret having returned to Liga MX”

Javier Aguirre did the feat again to save a team from relegation. The mexican coach tom al mallorca to search for the miracle and on the last date, managed to prevent lose the category in LaLiga.

In an interview with Fox Sports, Aguirre assured that it has cost him to take teams that fight for the titles, as is the case of Atlético de Madrid and Monterrey, but that it has been possible to adapt to the clubs that suffer at the bottom of the leagues.

“It has, because yesterday Valdano interviewed me and told me how I moved in that area and I told him that for there to be a Guardiola, Klopp, Mouthere should always be a good player, striker, as well as any other coach. That’s how I got to Pachuca and Atlante. It is true that as Atlético de Madrid and Monterrey are teams that do not aspire to any relegation, Fortunately I have won with Pachuca, a Gold Cup with the national team and a Concachampions with Monterrey, in Spain I have not won anything, I have reached the Copa del Rey and qualified for the Champions”.

It is true that like Atlético de Madrid and Monterrey they are teams that do not aspire to any relegation

Aguirre revealed that he talked with the owner of Mallorca, who also owns the Phoenix Suns of the NBA and that they want to turn the team into a winning one. Something that for the Mexican coach is complicated when he faces tYou have payrolls like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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“l is the owner of the Phoenix Suns, tells me that they are totally different sports, a winning culture, and that Mallorca in its 106 years has not had the opportunity to win a league. And he had to understand that Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético from the moment they left were going to go for the title. EIt’s like F1 racing don’t expect a Williams, Aphine or Alpha Romeo be champion, they can take a podium, but not the crown. Then he told me that he wanted to introduce the winning culture, I told him that it’s fine, but that you must start from the base that Madrid has 600 million euros and we have 60, it’s hard to compete. The culture of victory is fine, but speaking of reality you must compete with what you have.”

About his time at the Rayados, Javier Aguirre stressed that he does not regret having made the decision to direct them, since that is how he verified the quality of Mexican football.

I remain a critic of the league in that they qualify 12 of the playoffs, back and forth, of the superleader who is not a champion

“I didn’t regret it, I saw first-hand the level of Mexican football. I have been away, since 2001 that I have not managed in Mexico and I will return in 2020 and check the evolution of Mexican football.

Aguirre was critical in the competition system of Liga MX, considering that the play-off takes away a certain degree of justice from the tournament.

I remain a critic of the league as far as qualifying 12 for the playoffs, back and forth, from the superleader who is not a champion, it is true that it gives equality to the league, but I would like there to be a change, I understand that it is in the Liguilla that it rises best, but it does not seem fair to me for the first places. Atlas beat us with a 0-0 and a 1-1 in Jalisco, with the scheme of the previous year we should have gone through the away goal and we were out. And those things are the ones that don’t, if you ask me I would like something different to be done, but I don’t regret it at all, we won a title, I had a good time with Monterrey and we advanced to the Liguilla where we were eliminated with Santos and Atlas”.

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Finally, he mentioned that he has had approaches with some Mexican players to take them to Mallorca, but that is a matter for the board.

“It’s not easy because of the numbers that Mallorca doesn’t handle, the South American market is more accessible, today they sent me two names of players who remain free, I passed them on to the sports management, they are players who are of interest and well, let’s see. Quality has nothing to do with nationality, I don’t pay attention to nationality or age, It happens that the Mexican market is not very accessible”.

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