Lifetime! A court handed down harsh sentences to five rugby players over the death of a teenager

The tragedy occurred three years ago in the seaside resort of Villa Gesell. Eight youths between the ages of 21 and 23 attacked Báez at the disco, but the dispute continued on the street after security forced everyone to leave the nightclub. According to witnesses, the rugby players isolated the young man from his friends and beat him so hard that he succumbed to his injuries. During the fight, they allegedly racially abused him as black pigs.

“They are animals. I hope they get what they deserve,” Baez’s father condemned the attacking rugby players after the death of his only son. The victim’s mother, Graciela, then added in tears: “Fernando was everything to me, my whole life. I have no words to express the tragedy that has befallen us.”

The defendants, who have been in custody since 2020, expressed remorse during the hearing and insisted they did not intend to kill Báez. Some even denied hitting the victim. However, the tribunal eventually sentenced Maxim Thomsen, Matias Benicelli, Enzo Comelli and the brothers Ciro and Luciano Pertossi to life imprisonment, while Ayrton Viollaz, Blas Cinalli and Lucas Pertossi, a cousin of both brothers, were sentenced to 15 years.

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