Life success of Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel in the Alpine World Cup

Maryna Gą sienica-Daniel had a great start in the Austrian Lech / Zuers. The Polish woman took 12th place in qualifying, with the same time as Katharina Liensberger. Her rival in the 1/8 final was Paula Moltzan.

The best track record of Caterpillar-Daniel in his career!

The American took advantage of the Gąsienica-Daniel error already in the first ride and gained an advantage of 0.19 seconds, which still gave Poland hope for a fight for promotion. In the second run Moltzan did even better, defeating Polka by 0.34 seconds and throwing her out of the further fight in the competition. However, Caterpillar-Daniel had the best time among the players who were eliminated at this stage, thanks to which she was classified in 9th place.

This is the situation before jumping in Ruce! These competitions have always been associated with the wind

For Maryna G ± sienicy-Daniel this is the best result in her career so far. Her best achievement so far was 17th place in Courchevel, in the 2017/2018 season, also in the parallel slalom.

The last such great success of Polish alpine skiing dates back to … the 1980s, when the places on the podium and in the top 10 were won by the Tla³ka sisters, who after 1985 decided to represent France.

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