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The hallmark of Happy Hypoxia has become a hot topic of conversation among scientists. Happy Hypoxia is one of the symptoms of Covid-19 due to Corona virus infection.

The various symptoms that arise due to Covid-19 are always interesting to discuss.

There are even some cases which reveal that some Corona sufferers experience no symptoms. Of course this makes Corona a frightening specter today.

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A person infected with the Corona virus can cause several symptoms, such as coughing, fever and runny nose. While the characteristics of Happy Hypoxia in a person are also part of the symptoms of Covid-19.

In a number of patients who have been confirmed positive for Covid-19, the patient will experience shortness of breath. In more severe cases, the patient may experience loss of consciousness. This is because the body lacks oxygen.

Both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients are infected with this virus, which causes the body to gradually experience a decrease in oxygen.

Continuous depletion of oxygen can cause life to drift. In fact, this is the hallmark of Happy Hypoxia.

Happy Hypoxia itself occurs in a number of patients infected with the Corona virus. Some Covid-19 patients do not experience shortness of breath, but their oxygen levels are low.

The symptoms of happy hypoxia Covid-19 are very dangerous and often take lives. According to one researcher from the United States, when oxygen levels in the body drop, the brain does not respond until oxygen falls to dangerously low levels.

So that most sufferers will feel shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is what makes Covid-19 feel scary.

Features of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19 and How to Prevent It

The characteristics of someone who is affected by Happy Hypoxia are shortness of breath. This is a common feature. But there are other symptoms too.

Symptoms of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19 usually occur in sufferers with symptoms. Usually, the common symptoms that often occur are pale skin, weakness, dizziness to fainting, coughing, short and rapid breaths, rapid pulse, and blue nails and lips.

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Previously, Happy Hypoxia was often found in people with heart problems, respiratory problems, anemia and lung function disorders. But now Happy Hypoxia has become one of the symptoms of Corona virus infection.

In certain cases, this disease can appear without any symptoms. Therefore, it is often referred to as silent hypoxia. Usually if someone does not show the characteristics of Happy Hypoxia, they will be caught while undergoing an oxygen saturation check or blood test.

Even worse, there are some Happy Hypoxia sufferers who experience symptoms of cough, flu and fever, but don’t feel symptoms of tightness at all.

To find out whether someone infected with the Corona virus experiences symptoms of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19, you can see it using a pulse oximeter. The oximeter itself can help check oxygen levels.

So, when oxygen is at its lowest level, it can be treated immediately. In healthy people, the saturation value on the oximeter is between 95 and 100 percent.

How to Prevent Happy Hypoxia

After knowing the symptoms and characteristics of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19, of course you have to know how to prevent it. Actually, the way to prevent this is to measure the oxygen level in the body.

Besides being able to check independently, you can also check oxygen levels through the nearest health service facility.

One can measure oxygen levels independently using a pulse oxiometer. This one tool can at least detect the symptoms of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19.

Interestingly, this one tool has a small size so it is easy to carry everywhere. Its use is quite easy, because it only needs to be attached to the fingertips.

Later the saturation number on this tool will show how well oxygen binds to red blood cells.

Handling of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19

Meanwhile, there are also treatments for sufferers who show the characteristics of Happy Hypoxia. Usually to treat it, the patient will receive oxygen therapy.

In addition, the doctor will treat conditions that cause oxygen levels to drop. Meanwhile, for patients who can still breathe, the doctor will treat it by giving oxygen to the patient. This oxygen can be given through a tube or oxygen mask.

Whereas in patients whose symptoms of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19 experience a decrease in consciousness, the doctor will provide oxygen through a ventilator. In addition, treatment is carried out in the ICU.

Those are some of the characteristics of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19 which is currently still a hot topic of conversation. Symptoms of this disease are classified as mild and severe. It can even be deadly. (Ndu / R7 / HR-Online)

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