Life of the parties: the PCT France meets around a working lunch

Initially scheduled for June 4, the meeting finally took place on July 9, following a joint initiative made to party members by Jean Bastien Makoundou, president of the federal control and evaluation commission, and by Alain Poaty, secretary federal government in charge of the organization of the PCT France.

Several activists and executives took part in this lunch, including Ludovic Kokolo, federal secretary in charge of human rights; Guy Taty, protocol director of the Federation; Roseline Morelli and Olga Ipemba, members of the association “Les amis d’Auguste”; Brigitte Enkoura; Marie-France Edzoutsa; Alain Ippet; Vanessa Milandou from Belgium, president of the association “Help without expecting anything in return”; and Franck Gandziri, president of the PCT Ile-de-France committee.

According to the organizers, this working lunch was part of the execution of the directives and recommendations of the PCT Secretary General, Pierre Moussa, aimed at the cohesion and unity of the party in France and in order to stimulate the will of transcend the divisions that undermine the ad hoc committee due to the lack of a legal framework.

The participants gathered on this occasion unanimously agreed to favor dialogue in compliance with the statutes and regulatory texts. ” This is the whole meaning given to these militant meetings allowing us to reflect on living together, cohesion and the revitalization of the party after a major crisis that the federation has experienced”, confided the organizers, anxious to bring a new vision of the PCT France Federation with a view to the implementation of the social project of the Head of State, Denis Sassou N’Guesso, “Together, let’s continue the march towards development”.

The executives and activists of the Federation of France concluded this working lunch by reiterating their support for the PCT candidates in the local and legislative elections with a view to obtaining a majority in the National Assembly.

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