Life insurance: the three dangers of summer 2022 for your contract


Life insurance requires more attention than before. (© DR)

Acceleration of inflation, soaring long-term interest rates, possible Macron tax reform at the start of the school year: the risks weighing on your life insurance contract are real. Le Revenu tells you how to deal with it to save the purchasing power of your savings.

Life insurance raises a lot of concerns. Three risks are confirmed every day a little more: record inflation, the tightening of monetary policy and the unexpected indirect effects of Emmanuel Macron’s fiscal program. Let’s review them.

For each threat, you will discover our advice to deal with it.

The Macron tax reform

Emmanuel Macron has no plans to reform life insurance either civilly or fiscally. The preferred investment of the French will remain little or not taxed and excluding inheritance: on the death of the insured, the capital goes to the beneficiary(ies) designated in the eponymous clause, not to the heir(s) meaning of the Civil Code.

But the reduction in indirect online transmission rights on the program of the re-elected president will impact the preferred placement of the French.

What is the point of investing in life insurance to reduce taxes owed by a nephew, brother or relative with no blood ties to the insured if these are greatly reduced, or even reduced to zero for small amounts?

Our advice for a quiet summer 2022:

diversify your tax envelopes. You must have life insurance contracts, but also a securities account, a stock savings plan (PEA), a retirement savings plan (PER), or even a company savings plan (PEE) if you there are


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