Lieve Blancquaert travels the world to talk about sex: …

“Let’s talk about sex, baby.” Salt-n-Pepa already knew it in 1991: talking about sex and relationships is important. Thirty years later, it still is, even though you might think that minds evolved over three decades. “It may sound strange, but even today there is still a lot to tell and understand about sex, relationships and gender,” says Lieve Blancquaert. Naturally fascinated by everything that makes a person human, she once again traveled the world to immerse herself in this delicate subject. The result is the documentary series Let’s talk about sex. From Tokyo to Nigeria to Brazil: “More than ever there have been giggles, more than ever I fell from one amazement to another.”

However, to surprise Lieve Blancquaert (58) you have to get up early. She explored every corner of the earth to get people involved in her documentary trilogy about the pivotal moments…



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