Liepāja 6th Secondary School Choir # dziedundejo2021 is one of the most special holidays / Article

From July to the end of October – such a long period of time this year is dedicated to the 12th Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival with the motto – “The festival is where we are.”Sunflower“, was the 5th-9th grade choir of Liepāja 6th Secondary School led by teacher Liene Breča.

Song Festival Tour

In the afternoon program “Journey” of Latvian Radio 2, we will go on a “Journey of the Song Festival” to get acquainted with the singing, dancing and music groups – participants of the School Youth Song and Dance Festival. Let’s find out how the preparations for the big event have taken place in the e-environment, share the joy of reunion and together we will relive the different course of the holiday.

Starting from September 13, Latvian Radio 2 will present singing, dancing and music groups – participants of the School Youth Song and Dance Festival # dziedundejo2021 for a whole month in the cycle “Song Festival Journey”, as well as reveal how preparations for the big event took place in the e-environment. .

Responding to how they have been so far in the new format, teacher Liene Breča says that “it is possible to do it. And it seems to me that we really liked this option. It was really nice to finally meet everyone again. ” Attempts are also being resumed in accordance with established epidemiological precautions. “We have a large and spacious hall that allows us to accommodate different class groups, so we will also work,” the teacher informed.

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Despite the fact that this year the School Song and Dance Festival takes place in e-format, Liepāja 6th Secondary School, 5-9. The class choir unanimously decided to participate, and the young people of the choir responded with joy and enthusiasm to the proposal to create a video greeting for the Song Festival.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to film and create digital greetings. And we will definitely use all the technological possibilities, even more so –

our school is in the field of information technology, we work digitally, we are already used to all this, ”explains Liene Breča.

In turn, the young people themselves say that a different holiday format is a new experience that enriches and expresses that they perceive it as a pleasant challenge:

“This e-song festival went fantastic, but of course it would be even cooler if we were all together singing and breathing at the same time, but now this Song Festival is one of the most special festivals that could have taken place.”

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