Liene Kiviča shares a revelation about her life

The artist and wife of musician Andris Kivičs, Liene Kivičs, has published a statement about her life on Instagram, namely, she never thought that she would sing in a duet with her husband in her life.

Liene reveals that every time the two sing together, she is breathless with excitement.

“” Our journey has not been easy at all, but, believe me, it has been worth every second, “my beloved husband Andris Kivičs recently mentioned in a post.
I never thought that music would play such a huge role in my life. It can also be healing for anyone.
I could never imagine singing with my husband in a duet. This is a miracle. Music creates a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Every time I sing together, I get a breath of excitement, “writes Liene.

As reported in early September, Liene Kiviča, who gave birth to her daughter Miu in early July, resumed performing with her husband musician Andris Kivičs.

Kiwi has published a photo on social networks showing the stage with microphones in his hands, most likely performing at an event.

“Mia was born, Lienite recovered, we sing together again!” wrote Andris.

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