Libuše Šafránková: The funeral of the legendary Cinderella will have an unconventional course

She has been the star of many films and won many audience hearts. The recently deceased actress Libuše Šafránková had a huge number of supporters who would now like to pay tribute to her. As part of a public farewell, they can light a candle or lay a flower behind it. The subsequent burial will then be possible to watch from afar.

The sudden death of the actress Libuška Šafránková affected, in addition to her family and loved ones, thousands of fans of the representative of the legendary Cinderella from the film Three Nuts for Cinderella. However, the ageless star had many more roles to its credit, thanks to which it indelibly entered the hearts of the public. And just now they were beginning to be interested in the details of her planned funeral. Everyone will be able to pay tribute to the actress.

Large screens

On Friday, June 25, in the morning, it will take place in the church of St. Anežka in Prague at Spořilov’s public farewell to the actress. He stated the web Given the popularity of Libuše Šafránková and the interest in her sudden demise, great participation is expected. The funeral itself will take place in the church that afternoon. It will no longer be open to the public and will take place only in the family circle.

However, fans will be able to watch it from the open space on large screens. According to Michaela Lagronová, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Culture, informed about it with reference to the son of the actress Josef Abrhám. Further details should be revealed in the coming days.

That’s what she wants

Libuše Šafránková was very careful about her privacy and did not provide interviews very often. Even so, according to her son, she would like to give her fans the opportunity to honor her memory. “My mother did not tolerate much attention and valued her privacy. But I know that she would definitely make sure that those who loved her had the opportunity to say goodbye to her in the place where she liked to go for over 30 years, ”said Josef Abrhám Jr., choosing the place and style of the last farewell.

And it is the fans who are now providing huge support to the family. “Since the sudden departure of Libuše Šafránková’s mother, countless messages and letters have come to our whole family. Unfortunately, it is not in our power to thank everyone separately. Therefore, I would like to thank all those who remembered my mother as sincerely as possible in this way. Our family is going through this difficult period very painfully and all your words of participation are a strong support for us, “added the actress’ son.

The role of Cinderella fully started the actress’ career




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