LG Rollable will be the brand’s first scroll screen phone


in Lg wing Towards the end of the press conference, the official released an animated short film, announcing the next work of its “Explorer Project”. Now that CES 2021 is reached, the identity of the protagonist in the animation has finally been revealed.Sure enough, as we guessed before, this is aPull structureScroll screen phone. At today’s event, LG announced that this product will be named Rollable, which naturally means curl. However, its publication time has not yet been determined, and other details other than the deformed design are temporarily unknown.

LG Rollable


And the mainstream transformation scheme in the market now— Folding screenCompared with the scroll-type screen, the advantage is that there will be no obvious creases, and the form of the standard mode is more conventional. If it is not enough, the capacity of the battery that can be inserted into the reel machine is relatively limited in terms of the unfolded “tablet” usage scenario. As for the mechanical structure, neither of the two schemes is so simple.In addition to LG, there are two other manufacturers that have confirmed that they are developing related reel machines. They have already produced engineering machines that can actually operate them. Oppo, And those who have only shown models TCL. Which of the three will lead the real volume products? Maybe there will be an answer this year.

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