LG Electronics Introduces the “LG Gram Fold”: Korea’s First Foldable Laptop

LG Electronics Introduces the “LG Gram Fold”: Korea’s First Foldable Laptop

SEOUL, Sept. 25 (Yonhap) — LG Electronics said Monday that it is launching the “LG Gram Fold,” the first foldable laptop offered by a Korean company.

The device becomes a 12-inch laptop when folded, and turns into a 17-inch tablet or e-book, and the maximum thickness when the screen is opened is 9.4 mm.

The folding part was exceeded to test the durability for 30 times, and the wireless keyboard and digital pen can also be used.

The high-quality OLED touch screen is installed at the QXGA level, and displays colors at 99.5% of the digital cinema color standard set by the American cinema industry.

The company said that the device is lightweight at 1,250 grams with a 72 watt-hour battery installed.

In addition, the processor that determines the performance is the thirteenth generation Intel Core i5, the internal memory is 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB, and the three built-in stereo speakers support the Dolby Atmos spatial sound system.

The device can be tried out in 20 LG electronics stores, including Geumsung Center in Gyeongdong Market in Seoul and Hyundai Seoul.

It goes on sale starting the fourth of next month, and its price is 4.99 million won (US$3,738).

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