“LG Electronics and Tenstorrent Collaborate to Develop Next Generation AI Chips for Smart Consumer Devices and Automotive Products”

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jpnn.com, JAKARTA – LG Electronics Inc. and Canadian AI computing startup Tenstorrent teamed up to develop the next generation of chips.

The latest chip is claimed to be used to power smart consumer devices and LG automotive products.

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“The collaboration is expected to leverage AI-enhanced features and high-performance computing in LG’s premium TVs, high-performance automotive chips, and other smart products,” Trnstorrent said in a statement.

In the same vein, LG CTO Byoung-hoon Kim said the collaboration was only the beginning.

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“Tenstorrent’s advanced AI and RISC-V CPU technologies will strengthen the SoC competitiveness of LG’s future products, while our proven video codec technology will help Tenstorrent dominate the market for high-performance processors in the data center,” he said.

Kim added that the chips will be tested through this collaboration to see if they can become a technology platform for cooperation.

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Tentorrent and LG will share technology development plans and continue to expand the scope of collaboration in this cooperation.

LG has stepped up efforts to diversify its business portfolio in recent years, including aggressively entering into the electric vehicle components, robotics and electric vehicle charging services businesses.

Tenstorrent was founded in 2016, building computers for artificial intelligence (AI).

CEO Jim Keller is a microprocessor engineer, best known for his work at AMD and Apple. (yonhap/ant/jpnn)

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2023-05-31 12:15:47
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