Sport LFA: Shawn West's brutal and illegal knockout of Boston...

LFA: Shawn West’s brutal and illegal knockout of Boston Salmon in South Dakota | United States | Legacy Fighting Alliance


Shawn West was disqualified and Boston Salmon took the win

A awesome and illegal knockout It rocks in the world of mixed martial arts. In a combat of the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA)Created in 2017 as a result of the merger of the Legacy Fighting Championship and the Resurrection Fighting Alliance, an illicit coup was registered.

In the first event after the stoppage due to COVID-19, which was based in South Dakota, highlighted the fight between Shawn West and Boston Salmon, one of the four that offered the billboard of the day.

During the dawn of the second round, the two fighters felt the punch of a mutual blow. Salomon fell into the octagon and this was taken advantage of by West, who took momentum and kneeled his rival hard on the head.

The referee stopped the contest while Shawn West celebrated the victory, although Boston Salmon was finally the winner by disqualifying the former for the illegal blow he carried out.


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