Lézignan-Corbières hospital: “Links must be strengthened”, for Unsa

While the end of 2020 was punctuated by the positions taken by the various elected representatives of the territory (municipality, CCRLCM, departmental council and regional council), it is today the majority UNSA union in Narbonne but absent in Lézignan, who wants to make his voice heard, very different from others.

The departmental secretary of the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions (Unsa) of Aude Thierry Serres wishes to give his point of view on the merger of the establishments of Lézignan and Narbonne. For him, although the union is not represented within the Lézignan hospital, its majority character in the Narbonne establishment is a legitimate reason to speak out on the situation.

“Institutions forced to work together”

He also advocates strengthening working relations between the two structures: More than the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire (GHT), a conventional mechanism required since the 2016 law on the modernization of the health system, requires it, the hospitals of Lézignan-Corbières and Narbonne are forced even more today to work together. This is at least the point of view of the Unsa Santé de l’Aude, even if our union is not, to date, represented within the Lézignan establishment. It is, on the other hand, in the majority, within that of Narbonne. In the past, these two establishments were already linked but with the upcoming opening, in Montredon-des-Corbières, of the private hospital (ex-Polyclinique), the urgency is more than appropriate. Their links must be strengthened. The medical community is doing it. Narbonne healthcare teams also regularly come to strengthen the teams, perform Covid tests on patients and agents. Almost daily patients are transferred to the Lézignan CH, thus increasing its activity. But we must go further. Build common projects, develop other services, strengthen existing ones, increase exchanges “.

If the union declares to be careful not to interfere between the debates which divide elected officials, local communities and other actors of the file, it would like the word to be given to the agents. If the latter have rarely expressed themselves on the subject, the columns of L’Indépendant are open to them. Finally, for Unsa, the complicated period that the country is going through at the moment, and a fortiori the Lézignanais, should be an opportunity to work together: “When you experienced a first health crisis last spring […], when you yourself have been affected by the disease, when you have had to give up your rest, your holidays to carry out your missions and replace at short notice the professionals who are victims of the virus […]. When the 2nd wave is still being felt and the 3rd is approaching, it might be necessary for the steeple bites to stop a bit and for the energies to come together. For the benefit of all “.

If the future of the hospital and the modalities of its management are still pending, there are rumors that the situation could change quickly. The establishment medical commission will communicate soon on its constructive exchanges with the current management.

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