Lexus will get rid of three models in Europe. It will focus on more promising cars

Toyota’s premium division on the old continent no longer counts on three models. Once stocks are sold out, successors will not come.

The Lexus brand was established as a premium division of Toyota in 1989, when it focused primarily on the North American market. It did not officially enter Europe until the second half of the 1990s, when it has been trying to compete with the German premium trio, whether in Japanese style or hybrid drive. Even after years, however, it has much lower sales than German competitors. In addition, it now wants to reduce its European range in response to weaker sales.

Lexus will soon get rid of its three models on European markets, the compact hatchback CT, the mid-size IS sedan and the RC coupe derived from it. While at first completely ceases production, in the case We will no longer see the extensively modernized version introduced this year in Europe.

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The brand has several reasons for this step. On the one hand, these are the oldest models in its portfolio. CT is already produced by an old man since 2011, IS has been produced in its current third generation since 2013 and RC is only a year younger.

Maybe because of their age, all three report very low sales. CT has 2,344 registered specimens on European markets in the first eight months of the year, while the IS has only 1,101 units for the same period, which can also record the missing station wagons on offer, which Europeans love in this category. RC as a coupe then registers 422 registrations.

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