Lexus J201 is a luxury off-road vehicle with V8 and compressor. He is going to a rough race

Lexus has teamed up with expedition specialists from Expedition Overland. The result is the remarkable J201 concept.

It is based on the Lexus LX 570, which is a more luxurious version of the Toyota Land Cruiser. The drive of the modified version is taken care of by a 5.7-liter petrol eight-cylinder, which, however, was supercharged by a compressor. Thanks to the Magnuson TVS 1900 compressor, the power reaches 410 kW and the torque peaks at 745 Nm

But the modifications did not end with the engine. The goal of the project was to create a truly capable off-road into discomfort, so Lexus underwent a number of other modifications. There are, for example, new differentials, bumpers suitable for off-road use, a snorkel, robust protective thresholds, a light ramp, a full-fledged reserve, spare canisters or, for example, a ladder facilitating access to roof racks.

The suspension has also changed, the Lexus also boasts a higher ground clearance and, of course, proper off-road tires. The wheels are 17-inch. The car also got more powerful brakes.

Although Lexus speaks of the J201 as a concept, it is not a static showcar. No, the car is facing a relatively big challenge. This week, he will start the Rebelle Rally, a 10-day and more than 1,900 km long race in the demanding conditions of the US states of California and Nevada.

It is interesting that only women can take part in the competition. Crews also may not use GPS or cell phones for navigation. Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley, who won the race last year, will sit in Lexus.

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