Lewis Hamilton “The last lap of the 2020 F1 Turkish GP was an important moment”[F1-Gate.com]

Lewis Hamilton has experienced many memorable moments in his 16-year F1 career. But one event still stands out in Hamilton’s memory.

From 103 Formula 1 wins to seven world champions, hot on-track battles to dominating wins, from his early days as a poor kid from Stevenage to becoming Britain’s greatest sportsman, Lewis Hamilton has experienced and seen it all.

But amidst glorious victories and heartbreaking defeats, Lewis Hamilton’s achievement of the 2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix for a seventh F1 world championship, equaling the record of the great Michael Schumacher, is a pivotal moment in Hamilton’s career. and continues to be.

“Honestly, my life flew by,” Lewis Hamilton told Jay Shetty’s podcast.

“On the last lap in Turkey, everything in my life, all my woes, my doubts about my success, all my doubts, all my fears flashed through my eyes.”

“When I crossed the line, I felt like I made it. there is

Last season was a troubled one for the Mercedes F1 team and Lewis Hamilton, who failed to win a race for the first time in his 16th season in F1.

Lessons learned from 2022, Mercedes F1 has set out to develop a car worthy of its track record and worthy of the technical prowess of Lewis Hamilton and team-mate George Russell.

Lewis Hamilton knows Mercedes F1 has the resources and ability to turn its fortunes around, but he himself may have second thoughts about his ability to still deliver a good result on race day. .

“Some days I feel like I’m not good enough, and some days I don’t feel like I’m good enough,” admitted Lewis Hamilton.

“People may say, ‘But you’ve won seven world titles,’ but there are days when I’m like, ‘I can still do it, can I still be the best? I have a good dialogue with myself.”

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To drown out voices of self-doubt, Lewis Hamilton still turns to his father, Anthony, for support when needed.

“But my father is there too,” said Lewis Hamilton.

“Sometimes I say things that aren’t very positive, and he encourages me by saying, ‘You can do it, believe in yourself.'”

“It’s very important to be around people like that. I support myself and surround myself with positive people.”

“I think it’s our job to cheer people up. I want everyone around me to win and be the best they can be.”

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