Lewis Hamilton tells the secret story of the birth of the famous “Hammer Time” / F1 radio call inside story[F1-Gate.com]

Lewis Hamilton is a reference to the famous Mercedes F1 track engineer Peter Bonington “It’s time for the hammer! I explained how the radio call came about.

Lewis Hamilton’s long relationship with “Bono” began in his first season with Mercedes F1 in 2013. In 2014 Hamilton brought his first F1 title to the Mercedes F1 team. Bono’s famous “cry” urging Hamilton to do everything was heard for the first time that season.

With Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes F1 dominating, “Hammer Time” was often heard on the team radio at strategic moments in the race.

With the Mercedes F1 facing a demanding 2022 season, Peter Bonington has missed the opportunity to inspire Lewis Hamilton with his famous call.

But the call of “hammer time” was again heard on the airwaves at the United States F1 Grand Prix in Austin, when Lewis Hamilton was urged to give his all in the final stages of the race behind leader Max Verstappen. .

“I think I invented hammer time,” Lewis Hamilton explained when asked about the origin of the call.

“There was a moment where he said, ‘Now it’s time to push’, and I thought, ‘Hey, I’m pushing!’

“But if you’re trying to convey that now is the time to use whatever you have and do everything, I said, ‘Just say hammer time.’ That was part of our development.”

“I’m very grateful to Bono. It’s been a fantastic journey with him. I think it’s one of the longest, if not the longest, pilot-engineer partnerships I’ve ever had.”

“He is essential to my success.”

In fact, the pair have shared 82 race wins since 2013 and have had many ups and downs over the decade as they “supported each other on and off the track for better or for worse.”

“He’s probably one of the few people who can really put up with me on good days and bad days,” said Lewis Hamilton.

“I don’t think many people can do it with the calm that it can be during the race and the way he was able to guide me and help me navigate through the race.”

Hammer time
The term hammer time was made famous by 1970s British serial killer “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliffe who shouted “It’s time for the hammer” as he hit with a hammer before cutting with a knife.

Then, in the 1990s, MC.Hammer was inspired to shout “stop, hammer time” to his name in the song “U Can’t Touch This.” He was once again in the spotlight.

In addition, when the purchase price is established in the auction, the message “The auction is over. Hit the hammer.” Is displayed. Is used to encourage

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