Lewis Hamilton Takes Photos of Red Bull’s RB19 During Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying

Angel Armando Castellanos

Tuesday 30 May 2023 07:39

Sergio Czech Pérez crashed during Q3 of the Monaco Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton took the opportunity to take photos of the RB19 and study it. The plan is to try to copy something from his floor and try to catch him on the track.

Red Bull is the reference since last season. The work of Adrian Newey, its designer, has been key for the car to take full advantage of the new rules and take the car to another level.

Pérez was too excited during qualifying in Monte Carlo and he crashed his car into the wall.

Painful for him and his team, but perhaps even more frustrating, was that a crane moved the car into the air, leaving the underside of the car, and therefore the floor, perfectly visible to the competition for minutes.

Photographers were ready in droves to capture the underside of the RB19, where part of the secret to performance may lie, in sharp focus. However, they were not the only ones: Hamilton also took out his cell phone to take several photos. This was stated by the seven-time world champion to Rosanna Tennant, the host of the podcast Checkered Flag from BBC.

“Lewis Hamilton was playing me and said that he had saved the photos of the Red Bull flat on his phone and that he liked them a lot. she studied it closely and enlarged it,” Tannant explained.

Mercedes will no doubt be happy with these images, because the floor is one of the aspects that the competition often manages to keep hidden from each other for quite some time.

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“I’m sure the aerodynamics people He will take a good look at all the cars that have risen,” added Tom McCullough, Aston Martin’s director of performance.

The floor of the Czech RB19.


Hamilton is looking forward to fighting Max Verstappen for the world title again, but currently still has no the car you need to do it.

In a bid to get closer to its rival, Mercedes already unveiled a major upgrade package last weekend, which included a major revision to the sidepods.

It is possible that also adjustments to the floor of the W14 soon, because Hamilton has now been able to accurately capture what the underside of the Red Bull car looks like.



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