Lewandowski’s Fall. There is a recording of a dangerous situation [WIDEO] It’s for him

Robert Lewandowski he will not make his debut at the winning San Siro. The Pole did not give his best in the match against Inter and was cleverly excluded from the match by the defenders of the Italian club. “With De Vrij and Skriniarze he looked tiny and was kicked out of the penalty area like the insistent tourists of Buckingham Palace” – Italian Eurosport wrote about the Pole’s performance.

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This will cause further problems for Wisła. It is not enough to change coach

Robert Lewandowski slipped on the stadium stairs

The Pole had problems not only on the pitch, but also off the pitch. One of the fans recorded Lewandowski as he walked down the stairs to the locker room. At one point the Pole slipped, lost his balance and almost fell. Luckily the striker avoided a fall and an unwanted injury that he could have suffered. Some Inter players who, like Lewandowski, have slipped into the same place might understand this. You can watch both recordings below:

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time someone has lost their balance on the steps of the San Siro Stadium. A year ago, the same situation also happened to Inter coach Simone Inzaghi and to midfielder Marcelo Brozovic. Valentin Carboni, a young man from this club, also recently slipped onto them. It looks like stairs on that Stadium they are faulty and the club should repair them as soon as possible, because sooner or later someone will suffer from them.

Benzema is not going to play in the next match. And then Warsaw

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In the end, FC Barcelona lost to Inter 0: 1 later naked Hakana Calhanoglu. This defeat greatly complicated the situation of the Catalan club in the group. He is currently in third place with the achievement of three points. He is six points behind Bayern Munich in the lead and three points behind Inter, second. For nadal to count in the fight for promotion to the 1/8 finals, Xavi’s team must win the next games in Champions League. He will have the chance to do it next Wednesday at 9pm. That day he will play again with Inter, but this time in his own stadium.

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