Lewandowski talks about the differences with FC Bayern and the Bundesliga

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Created: 04/10/2022 15:43

Von: Patrick Freiwa


Shortly after his move, Robert Lewandowski was already a guest of FC Bayern with FC Barcelona. In the background: former colleague Lucas Hernandez. © IMAGO / Marcio Machado

Robert Lewandowski could not have adapted better to FC Barcelona. In an interview, the goalkeeper compares his new club to FC Bayern.

Barcelona – Is there less rigor in training at a top Spanish club? Robert Lewandowski, who left FC Bayern to move to FC Barcelona in the summer of 2022, comments on this question in an interview with a Polish YouTube format and makes a comparison between his former club and current employer . Also, the former Monaco player talks about his move and the most memorable match of his career.

The 34-year-old describes the top Catalan club Sports channel as a “great challenge”. The new signing of Bayern Munich talks about the preparation for the new season: “I expected them to be weaker, but the preparation with Xavi (manager, ed) was extremely intense”. According to the striker, this phase at Barcelona was “similar, even tougher” than the German record champions.

FC Bayern: Lewandowski “always wanted to play in La Liga, live in Spain”

The current Bundesliga top scorer is happy with his new home in Spain: “I always wanted to play in La Liga, living in Spain was my dream and not just for this sport”, explains Robert Lewandowski. FC Barcelona was not originally the target of the man who previously chased goals in Germany (BVB and FCB) for twelve years:

The goalkeeper says the differences between Bayern Munich and glorious FC Barcelona are not that great. However, the Pole mentions things in which the Bundesliga and Primera Division are not the same: “The order was decisive in Germany. Fineness was less important than the final result. According to Lewandowski, in Spain there are other priorities, it is said that there are more technical aspects in the foreground: “There is such euphoria with every pass, every dribble, every move, so you may feel more appreciated.”

FC Bayern: most memorable goals? Lewandowski is delighted with the five-goal gala

The debut of the Polish international in Barcelona was more than positive: Lewandowski has already scored nine goals with his “new” FCB in previous matches, and only in the weekend the champion scored the “golden goal” in 1. -0 in Majorca. According to his own statements, the striker only marginally noticed the hype about his departure from FC Bayern: “I didn’t exactly follow what was happening on the Internet and didn’t even want to follow him,” says “Lewa”.

The striker describes his legendary five goals in just nine minutes in the Bundesliga match against VfL Wolfsburg in September 2015 as the most memorable match of his football career:

Despite his callousness in front of goal, Lewandowski sees room for improvement for the further course of his already advanced career: “More goals from long distance, because they are usually in these regions rarely.” (PF)

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