Levitt Announces Pre-registration for Mobile Running Action Game ‘Run Slash Run’

Data provided – Levitt

Game company Levit announced that it will start pre-registration for its mobile running action game ‘Run Slash Run’ on the 7th at Naver Lounge and Google Play Store.

‘Run Slash Run’ is a running game in which you become a warrior in a fantasy world and defeat wild monsters while running. By defeating monsters while running, you can acquire various skills by collecting experience points. By adopting a rogue-like system, the fun of randomness that can select and combine skills that appear randomly is added. At the end of each stage, a boss battle is held, and each boss has a unique pattern to attack, adding to the nostalgia of the classic game.

‘Run Slash Run’, which is pre-registered at Naver Lounge and Google Play Store until its release, provides 100% of the items necessary to grow characters to all pre-registered users. In addition, a pre-reservation authentication event is being held at the Naver Lounge at the same time, and Google Play gift certificates will be paid out through a lottery.

An official from Levitt said, “‘Run Slash Run’ is easy and fun to enjoy by jumping, avoiding, and attacking with just a touch.” “I hope you can feel the nostalgia of the run game and the dynamic fun of a roguelike through the game.” .

For more information on pre-registration of ‘Run Slash Run’, you can check it through the Google Play Store.

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