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“It’s already full of chaos”
On “Muellheim doctor criticizes health department” in the BZ from October 14th:

Dear BZ team, I read this article with interest! We had a birthday party on Friday, October 8th, which was attended by 17 people, grandma was 78 years old. On Saturday we got a call from a party celebrating that he had tested positive for Corona, whereupon we all went into self-quarantine and filled out the health department’s contact form. On Sunday I called the emergency medical service about what we should do now. Information: Stay at home and wait for the health department, which we all did. On Monday I called my family doctor at noon to find out how things should go next. Notification of illness? Smear? He mustn’t do that, since I’m not sick! So wait for the health department. On Tuesday I called the health department again: Information – we should wait until you get in touch with us. Today is Wednesday and I still have no sick note, no information from the office. Even the person who tested positive for Covid-19 still has no information about how to behave.

None of the 17 present, including two medical assistants or nurses and two firefighters, has any information from the office to this day. If we didn’t all have so much personal responsibility, we would all have gone to work and shop as usual and easily infected 100 people! We, including the person who tested positive, continue to sit here in the hope of being contacted by the health department. To date, none of us has a letter that we can present to our employer – as you know, it should be available on the third day. It’s already full of chaos. Markus Ehret, Freiburg

“Lax approach to our health”

Again and again you read about the catastrophic processing of the corona cases in our health authorities. Several reports have also been made about the staff at the Freiburg health department, which has since been increased, but is still under recommendation. Unfortunately, you never give specific numbers! Is that on purpose? It would be interesting to know how many employees there were in the Freiburg health department before Corona and how many people they were responsible for and how many there are today. Kevin Ortlieb’s question is justified: How do you want to get such a pandemic under control? Especially in view of the fact that we have all had to accept drastic measures for months, this lax approach to our health on the part of the health authorities is unacceptable.

Stephanie Dietrich, Badenweiler

“Let down by the health department”
Bravo, Mr. Ortlieb! Finally a report from a doctor in which I, as a victim of a more severe course of a corona infection, would like to confirm every word in this article! During my illness, which lasted several months, I felt completely abandoned by the health department, although I tried to contact them regularly. No contact tracking, no further corona tests to confirm that there is no longer any risk of infection. I should decide for myself whether I am healthy again. No further call from the health department.

I find another scandal that even the medical practices that come in the first line in contact with potential corona patients have to waste a lot of valuable time on urgent contact. I know from the neighboring districts that their health authorities work very reliably and quickly, that contact tracing works quickly and that people call daily in the event of acute illness. Only in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district have they been “completely overburdened and cannot afford all of this” since the beginning of the pandemic. A scandal! Yvonne Spindler, Muellheim

“Complaining is useless”
About “Uniklinik calls for punctual trains” in the BZ issue of October 13th:
The problems described do not only exist in the morning hours. This is often spread over the entire day. Also on weekends, when the Breisgau-S-Bahn is of the opinion that train cancellations are more likely to be tolerated. Train drivers who apparently do not have suitable qualifications for the route are added. The passengers at the train station in Gottenheim were told that they should get on at the back of the train, as the first part continues towards Eichstetten. In fact, the first car then drove to Breisach with the passengers who wanted to go to Eichstetten. The engine driver must have noticed this mistake when he was leaving the station. The result: almost all passengers were delayed by up to an hour to get to the destination station.

Certainly one could smile about this mistake, but unfortunately mistakes in the Breisgau-S-Bahn have been increasing since it went into operation this year after the construction phase. There is hardly a day on which there are no delays, hardly a week in which there are no train cancellations. Complaining about it is useless, the problems persist, and the operators of the Breisgau S-Bahn are unable to offer passengers reliable train operations on the routes from Freiburg to Breisach and from Freiburg to Endingen.
J├╝rgen Kroll, Ihringen

“Without a gap in the smallest of spaces”
Unfortunately, the problem with canceled or overcrowded trains not only exists between Freiburg and Breisach, the H├Âllentalbahn has also often been affected since the renovation work. During rush hour you are penned in from Freiburg to Neustadt, including older people, young people and schoolchildren. With corona outbreaks, parties and celebrations are always accused as the cause; Nobody knows who they “cuddled” with on the train – without any distance and in a confined space, with no to very poor ventilation!

Birgit and Roland Hermann,Titisee-Neustadt

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