Letter of the day: Mobility in question –

Cologny, December 28

Going from words to deeds in politics is not so easy. In 2013, Antonio Hodgers suggested as an inevitable prerequisite for a hypothetical crossing of the lake to densify the Left Bank by the construction of subsidized buildings on the grounds of the Golf of Geneva. Today, not without reason, it imposes a moratorium on the extension of the densification of the villas area, aware, a posteriori, of the infrastructure requirements induced by this provision.

For the authorities of Cologny, this hasty decision is ill-timed, since the municipal master plan recently presented to the population rightly highlights the permission to develop the plots in question by increasing the coefficient of land use, in return reasonable concessions. Compromises likely to favor initiatives conducive to energy savings and mobility, preferably soft. That said, for owners unwilling to make sacrifices for the benefit of the community, the planned turnaround is not likely to worry them. Reluctance, however questionable, unwittingly endorsed by environmentalists allergic to the sprawl of the territory. In Cologny, the great mobility revolution is underway. In the current context, it remains to be hoped that the obstacles standing in its way will not slow down its progress too much.

Jean-Paul Graf

Created: 06.01.2020, 09h33

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