Let’s Watch in Video, Live Streaming Big Match League 2 Monday 11 October: PSG Pati Vs Persijap and Sriwijaya FC Vs Semen Padang

Bola.com, Jakarta – timetable League 2 2021, Monday (11/10/2021) presents PSG Pati’s big match against Persijap Jepara starting at 18.10 WIB broadcast on Vidio.com.

The PSG Pati match against Persijap was held at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Central Java in the C group stage League 2 2021.

AHHA PS Pati or PSG Pati are still trying to win in the 2021 Liga 2 event from 2 Liga 2 matches this season that have been undertaken.

The club owned by Atta Halilintar and Putra Siregar lost 2 times, namely 1-2 against PSCS and lost 0-2 to Persis Solo.

Meanwhile, Persijap Jepara drew twice, 1-1 against Hizbul Wethan FC and 1-1 against Persis Solo from Liga 2 2021.

At the same hour, Sriwijaya FC will play against Semen Padang FC starting at 18.15 WIB at the Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium, Palembang.

Jadwal & Link Streaming Big Match League 2 2021, Monday, October 11, 2021 is on the second page of the article.



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