Let’s Save the Mountain announces protest during the Cáceres Spanish Film Festival


The protest on the UEx campus took place before the beginning of a conference called “Projects with territorial anchoring in Extremadura”, to which the regional president, Guillermo Fernández Varaand several prosecutors from companies announcing investments in the region; among them, Ramón Jiménez, the CEO of Extremadura New Energies (ENE) promoter of the Valdeflórez mine in Montaña Cacereña. Precisely, ENE’s sponsorship of the ReBross Foundation festival has triggered the platform to announce mobilizations, the direction of the event to consider protocol changes and that the NGO Smiles in Action has refused to receive the donation (part of the collection in theaters) for the exhibition of Spanish films in the Official Section.

The platform defines ENE’s sponsorship of the festival as “horror movie” and they add that “the mining company buys wills with the help of a checkbook: sports, Christmas and now movies.”

Red carpet

For this reason, they have advanced that “we will be the days February 23, 24, 25 and 26 with our information tables (and something else) in the surroundings of the Gran Teatro». And the March 4, Saint Pancras Day, “we will concentrate to show our rejection of the attempt to purchase the company’s social license.” In other words, the platform intends to make itself visible during the traditional red carpet that you saw that day the street San Antón de Cácereswith the previous parade of winners and guests to the ceremony that, as every year, is scheduled for 8:30 p.m.

Cáceres hosts its annual appointment from February 20 with the best harvest of the production that is exhibited at the Spanish Film Festival, through its Official Section, and that has a selection of 10 titles released in 2022, according to the jury made up of names like the producer of Almodóvar Esther García (El Deseo) and the actor José Coronado. As for San Pancracio, it has been received by directors such as Almodóvar and Coixet to actors such as Marisa Paredes, Antonio de la Torre, Juan Diego, Javier Cámara, Emma Suárez, Eduardo Noriega, Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Eduard Fernández, Carmen Machi and Candela Peña. .

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