Let’s move! These 3 Deadly Diseases Hide the Laity: Okezone Health

GAIA The deposition of life has been ingrained since the Covid-19 pandemic was present on earth. Also, the entertainment available in gadgets makes people lazy to move. The convenience provided makes comfort creepy. Why is this worrying? Because it can have a negative impact on health.

The lazy lifestyle is often also referred to as sendentari. Motor activity outside bedtime is very low, so calories consumed are also minimal. It is undeniable that the sedentary life is also one of the things that are widely done today.

Therefore, such a lifestyle becomes a barrier for us to do our best and have a better life. This was revealed by Rohini Behl, technical consultant for marketing, Fonterra Brands Indonesia based on the results of the 2013 basic health research (Riskesdar) of the Ministry of Health, which showed that 24.1% of Indonesians live a style of sedentary life more than 6 hours a day.

“With one in four Indonesians living a sedentary lifestyle, now is the right time to invite all Indonesians to fight this phenomenon,” he said when he met Okezone Jakarta some time ago.

Speaking of this sedentary lifestyle, Dr. Ade Jeanne L. Tobing, SpKO, a sports medicine specialist with the Association of Sports Medicine Specialists, said a sedentary lifestyle can cause several non-communicable diseases. The following diseases can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

1. Obesity

Lack of movement can cause obesity in a person’s body aka overweight. Because, after eating, do not do any activity, sit and sleep, no calories are burned by the body.

2. Diabetes

When blood sugar levels are very high and therefore there is no activity that converts food into energy, obesity that causes diabetes will occur.

3. Hypertension

One of the noncommunicable diseases caused by lack of movement is hypertension. Because the lack of movement can reduce the work of the heart and lung muscles which can reduce stress and control anxiety.

“Other diseases that can arise due to lack of movement are heart disease, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and various types of cancer. Diseases caused by lack of movement currently affect not only adults but also young children, ”said Dr Ade.

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