Letizia of Spain and Jill Biden, meeting in New York for cancer research

Queen Letizia of Spain was, this Wednesday in New York, together with the American First Lady Jill Biden, for the first “World Cancer Research Day” organized outside Spain.

They were together this Monday, September 19, 2022 in London, for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Two days later, Queen Letizia of Spain and Jill Biden met again, this time in New York. King Felipe VI’s wife is this week in the Big Apple where she takes part in various engagements on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

After taking part in the 77th session of UNICEF the day before, then in a meeting with the leaders of mental health, the wife of the Spanish sovereign was expected, this Wednesday, September 21, at the Cancer Research Center of the University of Columbia. As honorary president of the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) and its scientific foundation, he had an appointment with the American First Lady, herself very involved in the fight against cancer through “Cancer Moonshot”. Her husband Joe Biden relaunched this initiative earlier this year that he launched in 2016 – a year after his son Beau died from brain cancer – when he was Barack Obama’s vice president. .

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Letizia had Jill Biden take a tour of the AECC headquarters

The two women first discovered an exhibition of panels on cancer research, then entered the room where, for the first time outside Spain, “World Cancer Research Day” was organized. Initiative of the AECC, including the Queen Letizia had Jill Biden take a tour of the Madrid headquarters last June – has been held annually for six years with the aim of “requiring the active participation of citizens, companies, institutions and leaders from various sectors to promote research in order to reduce the number of people who develop cancer, improve survival rates and quality of life of people with cancer, ”the Palazzo said.

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Queen Letizia of Spain and Jill Biden at Columbia University Cancer Research Center in New York, September 21, 2022


Speaking at this event, which highlighted cancer-related global health inequalities, particularly in the areas of prevention and early diagnosis, and the importance of collaborative research, the mother of princesses Leonor and Sofia he stressed that “cancer knows no borders and the social perspective of research is a global imperative”. On the same day, you also had a meeting with Spanish researchers in the fight against cancer scheduled at the Cervantes Institute in New York. They discussed the need to support Spanish researchers carrying out their work outside the borders of Felipe VI’s reign, support for global research and highlighting the benefits of international cooperation.

What’s after this announcement

What’s after this announcement

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