LETIZIA BATTAGLIA HOW IS DEAD / The photographer fought for a long time against a tumor

Letizia Battaglia she fought for a long time against a tumor before dying, last April 13, 2022. The famous international photographer at the time of her disappearance was 87 years old and died in Cefalù, in her homeland. Before that she continued to fight for her passion: photography. She did not hide the fact that she was ill, on the contrary she lived it all with her usual temperament. Life has been summarized in the mini series entitled “Solo per passion”, broadcast on Rai 1 in two first evenings. It was she who made it together with the director Roberto Andò in the last years of her life. To present her, on the credits, there is in fact her own voice, that of the protagonist.

Letizia Battaglia how she died: she had a tumor

How she died Letizia Battaglia? The photographer, as reported by Today, was sick with cancer and died on April 13 at the age of 87 in Cefalù, in the province of Palermo. The story of her life was put on film in the mini-series entitled “Solo per passion”, which airs on Rai 1 this evening and tomorrow evening. The woman, as revealed by the director Roberto went, she was aware that she probably wouldn’t get to see the fiction she helped make on television. She managed, however, to carry it out.

“He knew he was ill, he did not hide it and thus exorcised, ironic and direct, as always, death”, he revealed in the course of an interview with More Tv the director with whom he collaborated. The terrible disease with which he has long struggled, however, has never deprived him of her passion. The “mafia photographer”, as she was known, worked until the last few months in the International Center of Photography that she founded in Palermo, leaving her direction only in 2020 but remaining inside.

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Letizia Battaglia as she died: immortal photographs

Letizia Battaglia she therefore died on April 13, 2022 after having struggled for a long time with a tumor. Her illness took her away at the age of 87, but she will never delete the unforgettable photographs of her. The artist, in fact, has made shots that are imprinted in the memory of Italians and beyond. The most important are those made over the years of lead, in which she immortalized on paper scenes that would enter history shortly after: from Sergio Mattarella supporting the body of his brother Piersanti just murdered up Giulio Andreotti together with the mafia members of the family Salvo. Some of these also ended up in the proceedings. In those years he also went around the world in the photograph of “The girl with the ball”, which portrayed a teenager from the Kalsa neighborhood.


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