Letitia James elected Fiscal General for the second time

Democrat Letitia James was elected for a second term as New York Attorney General, a position from which she pursued former President Donald Trump and a list of powerful targets.

“We send a message to the most powerful companies and people who believe they are above the law that they are not and that this attorney general will hold them accountable,” James told supporters. “We show them that justice is not a theoretical concept to be pursued, but a reality to be enforced”.

James defeated Republican Michael Henry, a Queens lawyer who had the support of several police unions but who fought hard against one of the most powerful Democrats in the state.

James’s office is currently filing a lawsuit for fraud and other alleged crimes against the Trump Organization, which is owned by former President Donald Trump.

James also clashed with one of his party’s stars, overseeing a sexual harassment investigation last year that accelerated Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation.

He also hired the National Rifle Association, manufacturers and distributors of opioid pain relievers; investigates the Roman Catholic Church for its management of priestly abuses; he is suing New York police for their treatment of protesters following George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

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